This blog contains some key ideas which can take India to next level of fulfilment.

You may look at the period between 1947-1991 as India 1.0. Here socialism and early institution building happened.

1992-2014 can be considered Indi1 2.0, where India became a global player, through economic reforms and concurrent globalization.

But still there are lot of issues remain to be tacked whether it is poverty, national security, governance, cultural fault lines and conflicts. Populism and identity politics is still entrenched. The reality varies from “Incredible India” to a nation that lacks credible governance, lack of authenticity and pride. Socialism and secularism have become more of a baggage with confusing and contradictory thought process.

India 3.0 looks at how India can leap-frog. This includes governance models, new approaches to old problems and capitalizing opportunities to lead globally.

.. Shreekanth Prabhu