Hindus and Hinduism face multi-pronged attack in India even today. These attacks have been happening last 15 centuries but have not stopped even after 69 years of independence. We can list some of the recent attacks

  • Attack on Hindus, their businesses and temples when non-Hindus, in particular Muslims in majority, the way it happened in West Bengal. The state Government instead of protecting people has played a partisan role. In West Bengal, Muslim population is around 27% – justice to Hindus is secondary.
  • Unable to worship – One of the villages in West Bengal, Hindus are not able to celebrate Durga Puja for last 3-4 years. The administration refuses to give permission to keep Muslims in good books.
  • In many places, any act such as putting Public Sound Systems for temples get protested, but Mosques it is allowed. Even though it is no longer needed to use sirens to indicate time. This causes frequent skirmishes in pockets.
  • 500+ temples have reportedly been destroyed in Kashmir. So far no action has been taken.
  • Kashmiri Pandits are refugees for last 26 years. No action has been taken.
  • Conversions continue. Christian Evangelists put facebook posts how they are converting orphans. Conversion of Hindus should be banned – as Hinduism is generally a non-missionary religion.
  • Media and civil society blame everything on caste system, even though all societies have inequality and all societies have professional tribes. In fact Christians and Muslims continue to practice racism and slavery. While Hinduism assimilated communities and tribes giving them freedom to retain their customs and culture and at times picking some of the practices in the larger religion, Islam and Christianity have completely wiped out the past and replaced their practices with new ones.
  • It is a fashion now to mock Hinduism and hold beef parties.
  • Even judiciary is intrusive about Hindu Temples. Many do not understand the Pran Prathista of deity and special rights of deity and are imposing their views on the community. But they hardly interfere in other religions even when there is gross injustice.
  • While constitution says everybody should be treated same, now it is death only  if Dalit or Muslim dies it is called death and media rushes to look for communal angle.
  • Diversity instead of enriching nation is used to undermine unity of nation and destroy it.
  • Brahmin bashing all over India and expulsion of brahmins from states like Tamilnadu are a case of worry.
  • Specific interventions are needed to arrest demographic disadvantage for Hindus in different parts of India.
  • Those who kill Hindus through bomb blasts and those who abuse Hinduism are becoming celebrities.
  • It has become a sacrilege to point out positive contribution of ancient India and its rich heritage.
  • People are deceived by vested interests to underplay violence in  Islamic Conquest through sugar coated and white-washed history.
  • Hinduism is projected as pacifist by quoting Gandhi selectively whereas traditionally  Hinduism stood for justice and righteousness and not for timidity. We should re-learn from lessons from Gita and that of Vivekananda. This prevents Hindus  from being a soft target.
  • The kind of national discourse where any attack on Hindus is tolerated has made India soft state.
  • Hinduism or India was about mutual respect it was never about tolerating injustice.
  • Burning Manusmriti is unacceptable. It was written for another time. We need to contextualize it before one judges it. What about ISIS which carries out horrid act quoting sanction from Islamic scriptures? Why Hinduism is always a soft target?

In summary we need a comprehensive national law to preserve and protect Hindus and Hinduism which is not subject to vagaries of states and prevailing mood. The protection should be from constitution. We should be guided by the saying “Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah” –  if Hindus protect Hinduism, Hinduism will protect us.