1. Release a statement on Government of India’s position on Jammu and Kashmir to the world which denies any locus standi to Pakistan or Kashmiri Muslims, but goes by accession agreement and follow-on steps that were taken with all other princely states. State clearly that only disputed part is Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. State that Plebiscite is overreach by UN and only thing pending is return of raided territories by Pakistan. Convince other nations to reflect the correct map of India.
  2. One of the major issue India faces is the anti-India stance of agencies such as Associated Press and Reuters as well as nearly all of Western media in print as well as TV. Even though Western Governments appeciate India’s concerns on terrorism, western media has a totally hostile at best neutral stance on Kashmir issue. They call terrorists as fighters, ultras, rebels and militants but seldom as terrorists. On top of that they care two hoots about exceptional accommodation of minorities ans general approach where no group of people or region dominates others. They have either no information or refuse to acknowledge religious cleanssing of Hindus. They fail to see that behind the facade of self-determination, the agenda is to create yet another Islamic state through violence. Unfortunately Indian media carry the versions of Reuters as is. Some channels like NDTV put the problem in reverse. Whereas due to excessive violence armed forces are forced to use pellet guns or do any exceptional manouveres. The scenario is projected as if action of armed forces is the trigger and violence is the result when reality is exactly opposite.GEven when India pats itself on its back for secularism, as far as Western media is concerned it is just a Hindu country. The same media changes its tune when it comes to rights of Muslim minorities or protection of Churches in rest of India. They hardly acknowledge destruction of hundreds of temples in Kashmir valley nor do they have any sympathy for simular actions in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Bangladesh. Government of India needs to issue advisory on media houses that soft-pedal terrorism and who consistently take anti-India position that their accounts should not be taken at face value.  Government of India should also taken any counter action as per law starting with pursuation going all the way to penal action.
  3. Do away with article 370 and establish the supremacy of Parliament of India on Jammu and Kashmir like any other state. Do away with any special status for any other state. The terms of article 370 are not only against India but they treat Jammu and Ladakh unfairly vis-a-vis Kashmir valley.
  4. Do away with article 35A. Do away with any such articles for any other state of India such as Himachal. Emphatically state that all of India belongs to all Indians and all Indians to belong to all of India.
  5. Move towards 4-tier democracy and distribution of power Center, State, District/City, Panchayat/Ward, with lot of focus on districts. Let districts be the harbingers of growth and let power devolve to districts.
  6. Make Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory for 10 years with Central Government, District Councils and Panchayats as instruments of democracy. Completely sanitize the administration of sympathizers of separatism. Unfortunately unlike Punjab where we had Congress CM who even gave up his life for unity of India, CMs in J&K act contrary to national agenda. At one level they act as proxy to separatists and at another level they keep pushing for talks with Pakistan even when they can do more by stopping support to terrorism within. They first say talk to people instead of using security forces, and when Government shows willingness to talk, they say talk to separatists, then they say talk to Pakistan – basically it is a merry-go-round where they block all kinds of progress.
  7. There should be nation-wide law that leads to severe punishment for stone-pelting security forces and destruction of public property. The parents of juveniles and those who motivate them should be held accountable. Bandhs – good, bad or state-sponsored should be banned. Only peaceful protests and advocacy should be allowed.
  8. Build an internal security force that has locals as well as outsiders which can handle internal security without the help of the army.
  9. Sanitize villages and localities which support terrorism. Those who support terrorism should lose right to residence and property.
  10. Cancel registration of all institutions whether they are NGOs or political parties which directly or indirectly support sedition.
  11. Supporting sedition and/or terrorism should result in loss of citizenship. Exile people who whip up separatist sentiments from the state, now union territory.
  12. Withdraw MFN status to Pakistan and suspend diplomatic ties with Pakistan the way Saudi Arabia did with Qatar or Iran.
  13. Declare Pakistan as terrorist state.
  14. Have a nation-wide “Right to Return” law to enable all those who had to leave Hinduism on fair or foul circumstances. Promote return to Hinduism for converted Pandits in particular and Hindus at large. Hindus have suffered because whenevre converted Hindus wished to come back they were refused by their brethern.A law is also required to restore temples that were destroyed due to invasions and to protect Hinduism from conversion. Similar laws should protect native tribal cultures.
  15. Appoint a leader who can provide imaginative leadership to the Union Territory who can completely change the narrative and ground situation. Whoever comes in the way should not be allowed to stay in the state.

In general whenever the enemy has a tactical victory, it should lead to strategic loss, by making the goal many times harder to achieve.