1. Make India Hindu Dharmic Democratic Republic
    1.  Allow practice of non-Dharmic religions but not propagation
    2. Right to return to Hinduism
    3. Ban on conversions
    4. Ban on Cow-slaughter
    5. Promote ancient know-how Vedas to Yoga
    6. Promote secular know-how in Science, Technology from Indian Sources
    7. History of Indian civilization from Ireland to Iran to Indonesia
    8. Lead a movement to revive pre-Islamic and pre-Christian religions, cultures and traditions world over.
    9. Form Organization of Dharmic countries.
    10. Think of an alternative national language rich in Sanskrit or Simple Sanskrit,
  2. Hindu Model of Development, Governance and Statecraft using modern ideas, Arhashastra, Mahabharata, China and what worked in India for centuries before British and Gandhi/Nehru.Empowered communities and decentalization are some themes.
  3. Agriculture make it taxable and tax be pooled to provide interest free loans in a recurring fashion. Use same model as Capital Gains either pay tax or give money as debt to Government.
  4. Protect people from losing jobs for expression on social media.
  5. Make education sector and health education sector taxable, use taxes to provide interest free loans.Use same model as Capital Gains either pay tax or give money as debt to Government.
  6. Introduce personal bankruptcy laws
  7. Introduce right to dignity financial support for old-aged and unemployed to maintain some standards based on their credentials.
  8. Stop all kinds of violence and injustice through expansion of vicarious liability laws
  9. Citizenship as a privilege and not a right
  10. Bring back planning at ecosystem level – agriculture
  11. Managed Services/Facility as Mantra
  12. Refocus on Honesty, liberty and justice.
  13. Ethics and excellence
  14. Intolernace as virtue and be innovation driven.
  15. Fairness as Value
  16. Change the paradigm from solving problems to facing problems with righteous action. Let life be an unending boxing match with spurts of escalations, but let us not hold back the punches.
  17. Empowered communities and institutions
  18. Right to response
  19. Right to justice at work.  RTI and RTR for all organizations
  20. Lead in 5 new areas with Global Market – Space, Nuclear, Defence, Custom Manufacturing and Pharma
  21. Be a role model for other countries in: Civic Infrastructure, Digital+Fintech, use of tech(digital, social, mobile) in Governance,  Higher Education+Training+Skills, Organic+Environment Friendly+Solar+water
  22. Align everything to be Market-oriented economy.
  23. Education for knowledge preservation and research.