“Life is not about solving problems, rather it is about facing problems with righteous action”

  1. Release a statement on Government of India’s position on Jammu and Kashmir to the world which denies any locus standi to Pakistan or Kashmiri Muslims, but goes by accession agreement and follow-on steps that were taken with all other princely states. State clearly that only disputed part is Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. State that Plebiscite is overreach by UN and only thing pending is return of raided territories by Pakistan.

Note: In reality, J&K issue wrongly ended up being a dispute between 2 parties at UN, it should have been a single matter of aggression by Pakistan on India. From Wikipedia account on Girija Shankar Bajapai, who represented India at the UN on J&K Issue.

“American diplomat Mr Vincent Sheean has mentioned in his book “Nehru – The Years of Power” that it was a technical error on part of the team headed by Mr Girija Bajpai which filed India’s appeal to the UN Pakistan’s invasion in Kashmir which led to the issue being considered a dispute rather than an act of aggression by Pakistan. The appeal should have been made under Chapter 7 of the UN charter rather than Chapter 6.[15]

  1. Withdraw MFN status to Pakistan and suspend diplomatic ties with Pakistan the way Saudi Arabia did with Qatar or Iran.

“It is always the right time to do the right thing”

— Martin Luther King

  1. Do away with article 370 and establish the supremacy of Parliament of India on Jammu and Kashmir like any other state. Do away with any special status for any other state.
  2. Do away with article 35A. Do away with any such articles for any other state of India such as Himachal. Emphatically state that all of India belongs to all Indians and all Indians to belong to all of India.
  3. Redraw the boundaries of assembly constituencies as per current populatuon so that artificial limit on number of constituencies in Jammu(to give hegemony to Kashmir region) is removed.
  4. Have 20% minimum voting as a criteria to recognize that a person has won the election. Make it easy to vote through voting by digital means with security and privacy safeguards.
  5. Make Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory for 10 years with Central Government. Appoint a leader who can provide imaginative leadership to the Union Territory who can completely change the narrative and ground situation. Build an internal security force that has locals as well as outsiders which can handle internal security without the help of the army.
  6. There should be nation-wide law that leads to severe punishment for stone-pelting at security forces and destruction of public property. The parents of juveniles and those who motivate them should be held accountable. Fines can be levied on parents (10,000-20,000) and on parents.
  7. Fine should be levied on organizations (Lacs to Crores) which call Hartals and Bandhs by accounting for cost to the economy, private/public property, life and liberty of people.
  8. Ban public funeral processions of those who support violence against the state or indulge in terrorism.
  9. Sanitize villages and localities which support terrorism and sedition. Those who support terrorism should lose right to residence, property and citizenship. Citizenship should be privilege and not right. Exile people who whip up separatist sentiments from the state, now union territory.
  10. Cancel registration of all institutions whether they are NGOs or political parties or media organizations which directly or indirectly support sedition. Issue advisory on TSM(Terror Supporting Media)  houses and journalists that soft-pedal terrorism and who consistently take anti-India position that their accounts should not be taken at face value.

Epilogue: If you analyze the psychology behind the popular support for Kashmir issue is that people feel there is a need to somehow keep the dispute alive. There is also across the feeling that dispute is legitimate. Quite a lot of legitimacy is inferred due to UNSC resolution even though the ball has remained in Pakistan’s court ever since. India can turn the tables by approaching the UN to reclassify the matter as an act of aggression(and not dispute) and ask security council to have a single resolution that requires Pakistan to return all raided territories. Then India should communicate to all nations and media houses not to refer to Kashmir as a contested region, but they should call it as region that belongs to India but partly in possession with Pakistan. Then convince as many countries to accept the map used by India to denote the territories. Then only support that will remain is from Jihadis which can easily be countered.