उप॑ सर्प मा॒तरं॒ भूमि॑मे॒तामु॑रु॒व्यच॑सं पृथि॒वीं सु॒शेवा॑म् ।
ऊर्ण॑म्रदा युव॒तिर्दक्षि॑णावत ए॒षा त्वा॑ पातु॒ निॠ॑तेरु॒पस्था॑त् ॥ १० ॥

उप॑ । स॒र्प॒ । मा॒तर॑म् । भूमि॑म् । ए॒ताम् । उ॒रु॒ऽव्यच॑सम् । पृ॒थि॒वीम् । सु॒ऽशेवा॑म् ।
ऊर्ण॑ऽम्रदाः । यु॒व॒तिः । दक्षि॑णाऽवते । ए॒षा । त्वा॒ । पा॒तु॒ । निःऽऋ॑तेः । उ॒पऽस्था॑त् ॥

Go to (उप सर्प) this (एताम्) mother earth (मातरम् भूमिम्), widespread (पृथिवीम्), extensive (उरुव्यचसम्), and comforting (सुशेवाम्)! May this maiden (एषा युवतिः), soft like wool (ऊर्णम्रदाः) to the generous donor (दक्षिणावते) protect you (त्वा पातु) from the lap of death (निर्ॠतेः उपस्थात्)!

Ritual Use

This verse clearly indicates that the deceased was buried.  In the AGS, however, this verse is chanted while the ashes of the deceased are placed in an urn and buried in the ground (AGS 4.5.5).  Releasing them into a river must have been a later practice.  There is nothing in the verse to indicate that the reference is to the ashes.


  • दक्षिणावते – dative of दक्षिणावत् – one who gives liberally to the priests, implying that the deceased was such a person
  • ऊर्णम्रदाः – soft as wool, implying that the earth will not hurt the deceased person

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