उच्छ्व॑ञ्चस्व पृथिवि॒ मा नि बा॑धथाः सूपाय॒नास्मै॑ भव सूपवञ्च॒ना ।
मा॒ता पु॒त्रं यथा॑ सि॒चाभ्ये॑नं भूम ऊर्णुहि ॥ ११ ॥

उत् । श्व॒ञ्च॒स्व॒ । पृ॒थि॒वि॒ । मा । नि । बा॒ध॒थाः॒ । सु॒ऽउ॒पा॒य॒ना । अ॒स्मै॒ । भ॒व॒ । सु॒ऽउ॒प॒व॒ञ्च॒ना ।
मा॒ता । पु॒त्रम् । यथा॑ । सि॒चा । अ॒भि । ए॒न॒म् । भू॒मे॒ । ऊ॒र्णु॒हि॒ ॥

Heave a sigh (उत् श्वञ्चस्व), O Earth (पृथिवि)! Do not weigh down on him (मा नि बाधथाः), grant him access (अस्मै सूपायना भव) and a pleasant resting place (सूपवञ्चना)! O Earth (भूमे), cover him (एनम् अभि ऊर्णुहि), as a mother (माता यथा) would envelop her son (पुत्रम्)  with the edge of her garment (सिचा)!

Ritual Use

Another indication that the deceased was buried. In the AGS, this verse is recited while filling the pit in which the urn containing the ashes is placed (AGS 4.5.6).


  • अभि ऊर्णुहि – the use of अभि gives the meaning facing towards – as a mother brings an infant towards her while covering it with the edge of her garment

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